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Tour Abigail Ahern’s Dark and Dramatic East London Home

Abigail Ahern, who is known for her incredible London-based shop and brand, A Piece of Toast, has had quite a life journey. She graduated from The University of Edinburgh, where she studied Chemistry, before moving to Tokyo to work as an English teacher for two years. When she returned to London, she started working in media buying and spent six years doing that before starting her current business, which has become very successful within London’s fashion scene. In this home tour, you can see that Abigail has created a space that reflects her personality and the lessons she learned through her past experiences.

The Entrance Hall

The first thing you notice when you enter Abigail Ahern’s home is the dark walls. The second thing you notice is the dramatic chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The rest of the space is just as dark and dramatic, with black furniture, moody lighting, and plenty of greenery.

Despite the darkness, the space feels warm and inviting. It’s clear that this is a place where someone loves to entertain. There are bookshelves lined with vintage glassware and liquor bottles. In the dining room, there’s an antique table and chairs flanked by deep red armchairs. There are enough seating options for 12 people at the table (though it could easily accommodate more).

What you can’t see in these photos: Abigail says she has tons of plants scattered throughout her house, including bonsai trees on her porch and an indoor orchid room on the top floor. Her favorite spot in her house?

The Living Room

In the living room, Ahern has painted the walls a deep green hue, which she says makes the space feel like a ‘jewel box.’ The room is anchored by a vintage velvet sofa, which is accented by gold-toned pillows. To add a touch of whimsy, Ahern has hung a pair of antique chandeliers above the sofa. The coffee table is stacked with books and trays filled with candles, vases, and crystals. On one wall hangs a large mirror, which reflects the light from the chandeliers and makes the space feel even cozier.

The Bedroom

The first thing you notice when you walk into the bedroom is the dark, moody walls. The deep blue-gray color is offset by the white trim and ceiling, giving the room a rich and dramatic feel. A large, tufted headboard anchors the space, while a vintage rug adds a touch of luxury. The bedside tables are mismatched, but they share a common theme of dark wood and metal accents. Finally, a few potted plants add a touch of life to the space.

The Kitchen

Abigail Ahern’s kitchen is dark and dramatic, with black walls, a copper sink, and vintage-inspired appliances. The space is small but well-designed, with plenty of storage for all of her cooking needs. The kitchen is the perfect place to entertain guests, as it has a large island that can seat up to six people. Plus, the open layout means that guests can help with the cooking if they want to. I love the contrast between this brightly lit room and the rest of the house.

The Staircase

The first thing you notice when you enter Abigail Ahern’s home is the dramatic staircase. The walls are painted a deep green, the floors are dark wood, and the stairs are covered in a plush black carpet. The effect is both elegant and inviting.

And while some might think it’s too much of a statement piece for a small space, Ahern defends her choice saying it breaks up the flow of one long wall. But don’t get too comfortable on those stairs just yet; they lead to nowhere. I wanted to create this sense of anticipation for what’s coming next, she says. And I also wanted to break up the boxy formality of the stairwell.

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