Is Your Home Office Paint Color Ruining Your Productivity? Experts Weigh In

Having trouble concentrating in your home office? When you’re sitting at your desk, surrounded by the paint color of your choice, do you find yourself getting distracted by how it makes you feel? Do you find yourself feeling sad when you look at the walls? That could be because the color of your office walls affects how your brain and body interact with each other — and it might have some serious effects on how much work you get done throughout the day. For those reasons and more, one expert says that if you want to maximize your productivity while working from home, it’s important to choose the right paint color.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking to make a change to your home office space, the paint color on your walls could be a good place to start. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That’s why we reached out to some of the best in the business and asked them what they think is the best paint color for a home office.

Paint Colors

If you’re not sure what color to paint your home office, you’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma faced by many homeowners. But according to experts, the color of your home office can have a big impact on your productivity.


While the paint color you choose for your home office shouldn’t be the only factor that determines your productivity, it can definitely have an impact. If you’re looking for a color that will help you focus and feel calm, brown may be the way to go.


If you’re looking for a paint color that will promote productivity in your home office, experts say you should go with gray. Gray is a calming color that can help reduce stress and promote focus. It’s also a versatile color that can be paired with almost any other color. So if you want to add a pop of color to your home office, gray is the perfect base.

Light Blue

According to experts, light blue is the best paint color for your home office. They say it has a calming effect and can help improve productivity. The experts also recommend pairing this color with white trim. White will make the space feel open, clean and professional, says Sherwin-Williams painter Karen Elliot. Blue alone can have an oppressive feel that makes you want to hibernate in bed all day.


If you’re looking for a paint color that will inspire creativity and promote productivity, look no further than turquoise. This cheerful hue is said to be both mentally and physically stimulating, making it the perfect choice for your home office. However, experts warn that too much turquoise can be overwhelming, so be sure to use it sparingly. The best way to incorporate this color into your space is with accent pieces like artwork or throw pillows.


If you’re looking for a color that will inspire creativity and help you focus, yellow is a great choice. It’s also been shown to boost happiness and optimism. However, yellow can also be a bit overwhelming, so if you’re looking for a calm and serene space, this might not be the best color for you.


A green home office can promote creativity, relaxation, and focus. If you’re looking for a color that will inspire you to be productive, green is a great choice. However, it’s important to find the right shade of green for your space. Too light and you may feel like you’re in a hospital; too dark and you may start to feel overwhelmed. The best green paint colors for productivity are typically medium shades that are neither too bright nor too dark.


If you’re looking for a color that will boost your productivity and creativity, experts say red is the way to go. Red is the color of energy, passion, and action, says feng shui expert Laura Cerrano. It’s also been shown to increase heart rate and stimulate the adrenal glands.


You might be surprised to learn that the color of your home office can actually have an impact on your productivity. According to experts, white and off-white colors are the best for promoting focus and concentration. Plus, these colors can help create a feeling of calm and peace, which is ideal for a productive work environment. If you’re looking to give your home office a makeover, consider painting it one of these two colors.

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