Designer’s Toronto Rental Is Home to Three Kids and an Impressive Array of Minimal & Modern Furniture

Monica Martinez didn’t have any of the nursery furniture she needed when she was expecting her first child, but the young Toronto mom was quick to turn that oversight into an opportunity to add some minimalist style to her new home. She bought two identical wall-mounted cribs, painted them white and hung them beside each other in her living room — and they’ve been there ever since, housing each of her children as they grew up and she welcomed more members into her family.

This Design Darling Rented Out Her Toronto Apartment on Airbnb to Test if It Was Worth Renting

Renting out your home can be a great way to earn some extra income, but it’s not always worth it. For one design-savvy renter in Toronto, she decided to give Airbnb a try. She rented out her apartment for two months and ended up making a profit. Not only that, but she also got to test out if living in a rental was really worth it. In the end, she decided that it was and has since been renting out her place on Airbnb full-time.

How She Did It

This designer’s rental in Toronto is home to three kids and an impressive array of minimal & modern furniture. How did she do it? By using a few simple tips, she was able to make her rental feel like home. First, she stuck to a neutral color palette. Second, she invested in key pieces of furniture that would stand the test of time. And third, she accessorized with unique items that reflect her personal style. By following these tips, you too can make your rental feel like home.

The trick is sticking to a neutral color palette. The second tip for making any rental feel like home is investing in key pieces of furniture that will last (and make you happy). And finally, accessorize with unique items from all over the world (that also tell a story) to give your space personality.

The Living Room

In the living room of this rental, you’ll find an impressive array of modern and minimal furniture. The sofa is from Article, the coffee table is from CB2, and the rug is from Ikea. The walls are painted a light grey, which makes the space feel bright and airy. The large windows let in plenty of natural light, and the white curtains help to diffuse it.

The wall opposite the windows houses a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that provides ample storage for all those family members who can’t seem to put down their devices. Above the fireplace is a framed map that says Toronto on it. The fireplace itself is not functional, but there are four baskets that hold kindling nearby for anyone who wants to pretend they’re sitting by the fire on a cold winter day.

Bedroom #1

The first bedroom in this designer’s rental is home to three kids. The room is decorated with minimal and modern furniture, including a white bed frame, a nightstand, and a dresser. The walls are painted a light blue, and the floor is covered in a dark blue rug. The room also has a window with white curtains. There is also a closet on one side of the room, which has been left empty. On the other side there is another window, which offers natural light during the day.

The second bedroom is small but it still has enough space for a double bed, a built-in shelving unit, and a small desk. Finally, the third bedroom features two windows that overlook the backyard. It has enough space for both single beds or bunk beds (depending on preference). All three bedrooms have laminate floors that have been stained to match their respective colors.

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