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Refresh Your San Diego Upholstered Furniture with Professional Cleaning

The upholstered furniture in your San Diego home or office probably gets more use than any other furnishings. Over time, your sofas, chairs, ottomans and more accumulate dirt, oils, food stains, pet hair and other grime that can detract from their appearance and shorten their usable lifespan. To keep your upholstery looking fresh, maintain its quality and ensure a healthier indoor environment, periodic deep cleaning from the experts at [Your Company] is essential.

With recent years serving the San Diego area, LJ Carpet Care has unparalleled experience in upholstery care and cleaning for both residential and commercial settings. 

Our highly-trained technicians utilize powerful truck-mounted systems and green-certified solutions to deeply clean down into the fibers and cushioning of your upholstered pieces where vacuuming simply can’t reach. We can treat the entirety of your upholstery, including hard-to-reach areas along seams, under movable cushions, and behind attached backs and arms. Our thorough process lifts away not only surface dirt but also the deeper soils that abrasively break down upholstery fibers over time.

Benefits of professional upholstery cleaning include:

Extend the life of your furniture – Regular deep cleaning keeps upholstery fluffier, more stain resistant, and better looking longer before reupholstering or replacement is needed. By removing the microscopic bits of soil that act like sandpaper on fabric fibers, we help upholstery maintain its integrity and durability.

Eliminate odors and improve air quality – Even with regular vacuuming, upholstered furniture traps allergens, pet dander, mold and mildew spores, and other potential irritants that degrade indoor air quality. We use truck-mounted steam cleaning to sanitize and deodorize down to the base of your upholstery to remove these and other contaminants.

Lift away stains – At home stain removal efforts rarely penetrate beyond the surface fibers. Our professional strengths solutions and powerful equipment flush out and lift both new and stubborn stains from greater depths for superior removal. Although highly effective, our non-toxic cleaning solutions are still safe for kids and pets after the upholstery has dried.

It’s safer for delicate upholstery – With specialized experience on a vast range of upholstery fabrics, our team knows the optimal methods and solutions for cleaning your custom upholstery without risk of shrinkage, discoloration or other damage. We’re also experts in safely handling heirloom antique furnishings. Our fully-certified green cleaning process is ideal for environmentally-sensitive customers too.

Restore vibrant color and soft feel – As ongoing soils accumulate, upholstery inevitably becomes dingy, colors fade and fibers feel rough or crispy to the touch. Our deep cleanings remove the matted layers of contaminants to revitalize original vibrancy, softness, and quality of your upholstery. The transformation of renewed comfort and appearance we provide will astonish you.

LJ Carpet Care Professionally Cleans All San Diego Upholstery

From delicate sheers and velvets to durable woven blends and performance fabrics, LJ Carpet Care has experience with effective and safe cleaning processes for all common upholstery types. We also excel at handling specialty upholstery such as leather. Our conscientious team closely inspects all fabrics beforehand and selects the ideal cleaning method customized to your particular upholstered pieces.

Contact LJ Carpet Care at 858-349-4749 today to schedule world-class upholstery cleaning services for your home or commercial location. We have appointments available 7 days a week because pristine and healthy upholstery shouldn’t have to wait!

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