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Pes Control for Apartments vs Pest Control for Houses

There are two main types of domicile when it comes to human living habitats. You have homes, where a person has a stand alone unit separated from other homes by a yard, and you have apartments, where there are multiple units connected to one another within the same building. As you can probably imagine, these two types of dwellings are approached differently from a pest control standpoint.

“Homes are easier to treat and get better instant results” says Eric from Sunstate Pest, a pest control company in Rockledge FL. “With a home treatment, you have complete control of the structure as well as the perimeter around the home. You can attack all at once.”

Apartment Pest Control Treatment

The ideal situation for apartment pest control is when the owner of the apartment building orders and pays for pest control of the entire grounds. In this way, the approach would be similar to applying pest control measures on a home, treating the structure as well as the surrounding grounds. 

When pest control is left up to the individual tenant, you tend to run into more problems. One messy neighbor can ruin it for everybody. They could be the ones responsible for the constant return of roaches, fleas, ants and just about any pest you see in a living space. But, this does not mean that apartment pest control is useless.

“In the case of treatment on individual apartments, we treat the walls and corners with an insect barrier. We also set up baits in the hidden area of the apartment, such as under the sink and in dark cool storage spaces. These areas are where roaches and the like are typically hiding.” Eric stated.

It should be noted that the owner of the property is responsible for treating certain areas of the building automatically. Termite treatments, for example, fall under the building owner’s responsibility. For everything else, it all comes down to a situational basis. Whatever is in your lease is what the building owner is responsible for. 

House Pest Control Treatment

Treating the inside of the home is just as important as treating the outside. A pest control barrier will be set around the home and the wood structure will be treated for termite prevention. Also, the attic and crawl spaces will be treated so as to repel any new invaders and to eliminate any pests which already inhabit the space.

A combination of sprays, baits, traps and other deterrents are applied in a “whole home” approach to pest control. 

Treating homes is a different approach but the fundamentals remain the same: to eliminate any existing pests while preventing new ones from coming. Continuous reapplication of pest repellants is needed after the initial treatment or the pests will most certainly return. 

Pest control services are affordable and can be done on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the severity of the issue at hand. 

Call your local pest control agent today for a free quote and initial inspection. You will be glad you did. 

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