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From Velvet Thrones to Gold Toilets: A Buckingham Palace-Themed Mobile Home Fit For Royalty

Calling all true royalists out there! If you are looking to take your passion for Britain’s monarchical family to the next level, why not invest in this Buckingham Palace-themed mobile home? With plush velvet thrones and gold throne-inspired toilets, it is the perfect place to rest your head after attending the Queen’s Garden Party. And what better way to get some shut-eye than on your very own solid gold bed?

Introducing the Cambridge Skyline

Once an empty, dark space, this room has been transformed into a bright and inviting home by HGTV’s Home Town. The Cambridge Skyline is a mobile home fit for royalty, with its Buckingham Palace-themed decor and luxurious finishes. From the velvet throne in the living room to the gold toilet in the bathroom, this home is fit for a king or queen. With its light and airy feel, the Cambridge Skyline is sure to make any guest feel at home.

So What Makes this Cambridgeshire Coach House so Special?

When you first catch a glimpse of the building that would eventually become home to Erin and Ben Napier’s woodworking business, you might not think much of it. It’s certainly not the prettiest building on the block. But with a little imagination, and a lot of hard work, Erin and Ben were able to transform this former coach house into a bright and inviting space.

The Redesign in Detail

HGTV’s Home Town is a total redesign of what was once a dark and dreary space. The walls were painted white to brighten things up, and new furniture and fixtures were brought in to add personality. The results are amazing! This room is now light, airy, and inviting.

The Cottage Before Conversion

The Cottage before its conversion was small, cramped, and dark. The windows were tiny and the walls were a drab brown. It was in dire need of a makeover.

The Cottage Now (Cambridge Skyline)

When you first catch a glimpse of the Cambridge skyline, you might not think that anything could make it more beautiful. But when you see the newly renovated home of husband-and-wife team Ben and Erin Napier on HGTV’s Home Town, you’ll be amazed at how they took an empty, dark space and filled it with light and personality. The cottage now boasts a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and plenty of charming touches that make it feel like a true home.

Cambridge Skyline Features

The city of Cambridge is home to a variety of skyline features that make it unique. These features include the Charles River, Harvard University, MIT, and a variety of historical buildings. The city is also home to a variety of businesses, which add to the skyline.

Costing & Financing Your Own Mobile Home

So you’ve fallen in love with a mobile home and you’re ready to take the plunge into homeownership. Congratulations! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the process of financing and costing out your new home. The loan is what most people pay when they buy a house. A mortgage is one type of loan that can be used to buy property such as land or a building.

To get pre-approved for financing, you’ll need some financial information including proof of income and assets like savings accounts or stocks.

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