Blogger’s Modern Farmhouse in Georgia Gets a Remodel

My husband and I recently sold our home in Atlanta and moved to the country, where we’re currently building our first home from scratch. We’ve loved living in the city, but we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to own so much land! I’m so excited about all of the possibilities that come with this new space, especially since it will give me an excuse to completely remodel my current house and style it exactly how I want it to be, instead of keeping it in line with what all the other houses in the neighborhood look like.

The New Additions

Recently, the blogger behind popular design blog House of Harper decided to remodel her farmhouse in Georgia. She added new hardwood floors, fresh paint, and updated fixtures throughout the home. The result is a modern farmhouse that feels both stylish and comfortable. She also took this opportunity to update some appliances and add some more storage space for shoes, purses, and clothes.

The end result? A much more open living space with plenty of light coming through from the windows. You can see how the rooms flow together now instead of feeling like separate spaces divided by closed doors. And there are still areas where you can find solitude if you need it. You can read about all of the blogger’s updates on her site here. The photos show the before and after shots as well as highlighting a few specific changes.

After seeing these pictures, I think my next big change might be painting my kitchen cabinets!

The Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation was a true labor of love. Every detail was carefully considered, from the new shiplap walls to the farmhouse sink. The end result is a beautiful and functional space that the whole family can enjoy. The biggest transformation has been how it feels in here now, says Tara. It’s such a warm, welcoming place to be because it feels like home. I’m so glad we went through with this project and I know my kids will feel the same way too. I’m also excited for them to have a chance to get used to cooking on their own.

I think they’ll grow up feeling more confident in the kitchen, knowing they can create something delicious without having someone tell them what to do all the time!

New Bathroom Designs

After months of anticipation, the big day has finally arrived! The new bathroom designs are complete and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. From the sleek, new tile to the updated fixtures, every detail was carefully considered. We can’t wait to show you all the photos and share our top tips for creating a stylish yet functional space. Stay tuned for the full reveal! The room is now lighter and brighter than before thanks to strategically placed windows that allow natural light to fill the space. The mirror mounted on the ceiling above the vanity also reflects natural light throughout so there’s no need for an additional window in this small room.

A custom cabinet with clean lines offers plenty of storage while a high-tech, low-maintenance shower head ensures quick, easy cleanup.

End Result

After months of construction, the blogger’s home is finally finished! The newly remodeled space features modern farmhouse details like shiplap walls and exposed beams. The kitchen has been updated with new appliances and countertops, and the bathrooms feature sleek new fixtures. The whole house has a fresh, new look that the blogger and her family are loving. For example, the master bedroom now has an airy ensuite bathroom with a beautiful walk-in shower. In addition to giving their home a much-needed update, this project allowed them to get rid of some of their clutter—including all those boxes stored in the garage!

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